Caring for our Women

We believe that a full regimen can make a lasting change.

Every client is assigned to a case manager who provides immediate assessment to identify needs and make proper referrals.

Wrap-Around Case Management

This  strategy involves “wrapping” a comprehensive array of individual  services and support networks “around” our women, rather than forcing  them to enroll in pre-determined, inflexible treatment programs.  Having  community partner agencies allows us to be able to create  individualized success plans for each of our clients and give them the  tools they need to succeed.

Substance Abuse Treatment/Counseling

While  sobriety is a requirement at Labor of Love Community House, having  substance issues will not disqualify women from entering into our  program.

Medical Treatment and Medication Monitoring

We include on-site and referrals for mental health counseling.  We also provide on-site medical triage services.

Life Skills Training

We teach basic home management, financial literacy and self-care skills.  We make sure that we cover all areas of rehabilitation and reintegration of our clients.